Olympic Dreams

JENNIFER, Instructor


Growing up in Micronesia and Hawaii, I was always really active. I wanted to compete in boxing and martial arts but there weren’t any female programs at my school. I finally got the opportunity to try out for the wrestling program but injured myself while surfing and had to sit out. After college I started working in corporate finance and boxing training on the side. It wasn’t until the Boxing Federation sponsored me in July of 2015 that I could start boxing and training full time. My next goal is the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Eventually I want to compete in the Mixed Martial Arts arena because I want to be the most well rounded and balanced fighter I can be.


ISABEL, Instructor

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for twenty years - I’m a gym rat! After finding a mentor and becoming a fitness professional, I realized how much exercise relates to mental fitness. I was a master spinning Spinning TM instructor for over fifteen years before being diagnosed with breast cancer. Staying positive takes practice. I like to encourage visualization in my classes, it helps with developing your own skill set and finding your inner athlete. Life is all about valleys and peaks; everyone can smile when you’re at a peak but it’s about how you handle yourself when you’re dealing with the valleys that matters.

Up Close with Claire

Claire (@cbquality)

I started practicing yoga was I was 15 to help treat anxiety and depression and fitness has become my life’s work. My motto is “built and bendy” to represent my personal combination of strength training and yoga. I feel the best when I’m strong and I appreciate the mental aspects of training - I don’t know what my life would be like otherwise

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Meet Stan and Mayra


I belonged to NYSC Wall Street for about a year, exercising about three to four times a week  before suffering a heart attack on the stairmaster. Mayra saved my life, she is my hero. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know where I would be right now. All jokes aside I can’t wait to get cleared to start exercising again - I’m dying to get back in the gym!


MAYRA, NYSC Employee

In my fifteen years with NYSC I had never performed CPR before, but after Stan collapsed I recognized what was going on and I knew I had to help After losing my mother five years ago to a massive heart attack, the importance of being CPR certified became even more significant to me. In my fifteen years with NYSC I had never performed CPR before, but after Stan collapsed I recognized what was going on and sprung to action. I'm just so happy I was there and able to help.

Show us what you got!


Christina @fit_minigypsy: one of our Club Employees

What does #IBUILTHIS mean to you?

I was active my entire life! Basketball, soccer, track, I played them all. It wasn’t until I tore my meniscus at age 17 that everything came to a stop. Without sports and activities in my life, I started drinking and partying heavily. In January of 2015 I decided to make a change and found inspiration in body builders and fitness pros on Instagram. I entered my first body building show in March of 2015 and by July I was qualified to compete professionally. I love inspiring people to achieve, push, and go further. 

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In Flight

Meet Beth: a member of the NY Jets Flight Crew.

What does #IBUILTHIS mean to you?

Beth: “To able to dance and perform for 80,000 fans for 3 hours, - having a strong body and mind with endurance and stamina is a must for success. Dancing for the Jets has always been a dream of mine and in preparation for this kind of job, it has taken a lot of dedication and hard work. The audition process is competitive.  It took me a few times before I made the team but each time, I was able to learn something about myself and what I needed to work on for the following year.”

No Donuts Here!

Meet Mike Counihan (aka @nodonutshere): one of NY's finest and one of NYSC's fittest.

What does #IBUILTHIS mean to you?

Mike: I keep myself in shape and fit for the community, for all the first responders out there and for my brothers and sisters in blue.

I was a trainer before becoming a police officer, and I do this to inspire and motivate others to stay healthy.

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Alyssa Exposito

Alyssa Exposito (@expossentials): My journey of building began 8 years ago, when I suffered a traumatic accident that left me with the possibility of becoming an amputee. After running at the collegiate level, my strength resurfaced at NYSC. I am forever grateful for the community and support that is built around me here. Going from a member to now a personal trainer, #ibuiltthis because fitness has always meant more to me than obtaining a certain look. To me it means owning my strength in ways where my foundation can't be shaken, because I built it for myself day by day.

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