About Us

Who We Are

What began as an opportunity to bring the immensely popular sport of squash to the New York masses has evolved and expanded to a network of over 150 clubs catering to over half a million members across eight states and two countries (including Switzerland!). Dedicated to offering our members the best possible experience, we’ve proudly been at the forefront of fitness for over four decades while still maintaining that familiar, neighborhood feel.

Where We’ve Been

Our story started in New York City in 1973 as a small chain of squash clubs.

When the fitness industry started a slow shift away from squash through the 70s, we started introducing exercise classes and in 1979 became the first clubs to debut Nautilus equipment.

In 1980, Capital Hill Squash Club — what would eventually be Washington Sports Clubs — opened in Washington DC. 1986 was a big year for New York City; the Mets won the World Series and we opened a combination medical facility and health club on 34th Street and Second Avenue and dropped the Town Squash moniker in favor of New TSI Holdings, Inc.

We saw tremendous growth in the next decade and by 1995 we operated 26 fitness clubs with 56,000 members. Boston joined the family in 1996 and by 1999 we owned and operated six clubs in the city and surrounding suburbs. Finally, Philadelphia was introduced to the Town Sports franchise in 1999 with clubs opening within the city as well as in New Jersey and Pennsylvania suburbs.

Today, we’re proud to maintain the largest gym network in the Northeast and remain a destination for members with a range of fitness needs. Not many clubs can say that they’ve thrived through forty years of fitness movements that have come (hello CrossFit!) and gone (bye bye Step Class!). Over the course of four decades we’ve matched our scrunchies to our spandex while begging our buns to firm, embraced mat class trends ranging from yoga to pilates, and introduced our members to a zone dedicated to flipping massive tires and balancing on Bosu balls.

What We Do

We work hard to maintain the values that we established in 1973, when we were just a small chain of squash clubs. We’re consistently improving our offerings and services, and pride ourselves on creating connections with our members and delivering the most personalized fitness experiences possible. Because we know fitness is not simply a part of daily life, it’s a lifestyle. And we’re here to help them bring the best out of every body—before, during, and after they hit the gym.