We're YOUR women’s gym. At Lucille Roberts, we believe in serving our empowered community with fitness and wellness experiences in a positive, inclusive and fun environment. Constantly innovating to provide the best possible service, we want you to think of Lucille Roberts as a place for generations of strong, sexy, and confident women to call their own.

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Inspired by a love of aerobics classes and a dream, Lucille Roberts opened her first gym in 1969. She took what seemed like millions of group aerobics classes before realizing that although the classes were predominantly women, the fitness clubs lacked a specific camaraderie that she craved. A pioneer of female empowerment, Lucille sought to create gyms that fostered a positive environment where women could come together to work out, meet new friends, and get inspired. An inspiration herself, Lucille Roberts was tough both in and out of the gym; rumor has it she would complete sets of curls while on conference calls and challenge coworkers to push up contests on Fridays.

Recognizing a gap in the industry and a convenient location accessible to shoppers and commuters alike, she opened her first gym near the famed Macy’s flagship at Herald Square. Lucille's goal was to offer affordable gyms tailored specifically for women who needed to use their gym time productively. Shopping could be a workout itself, but she knew that women were capable of so much more than shoulder pads and pants suits. Thus the Lucille Roberts customer was born. No longer did she need to maneuver around men lifting weights or spend hundreds on memberships dedicated to spa-like experiences in order to complete a proper workout. Today, Lucille Roberts prides itself on offering the most current, in-demand classes to cater to its busy and informed clientele.

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In time, the gym network expanded to almost 20 locations around the North East, and one single, spandex-clad aerobics class grew to over 100 different and popular classes across our network. In 2017, our gyms became part of the Town Sports International family. While our family continues to grow, we are committed to being a healthy community for generations of strong, confident women to exercise fearlessly and train victoriously.