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Meet Chris: On Air ESPN talent, former NFL defensive lineman, GameChanger

Chris Canty at one time used his fitness to earn him a Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants, but these days he improves his health in order to live a longer, more robust life. Injury RECOVERY has been a large part of his personal training focus and he’s benefitted from the guidance of a seasoned pro. #IBUILTTHIS Come Dry Leave Wet


Meet Brian: Hospitality professional, entreprenuer and GameChanger

Brian Mazza constantly strives to surpass his goals and drive his fitness forward. His personal training Journey has brought him the ELEVATION necessary to stay on top of his game at work and at home, and just be an overall self-proclaimed beast. #IBUILTTHIS


Meet Edem: Personal trainer, GameChanger

Edem Tsakpoe is a natural-born leader and people person, and was drawn to the world of personal training soon after beginning his own fitness journey. His clients seek his guidance as much for his spiritual impact as his physical. #IBUILTTHIS


Meet Nicole: Creative strategist, triathlete and GameChanger

Nicole Loher lives by her father’s favorite phrase, “believe, achieve; doubt, you’re out” and seeks to bring wellness to her life and to her family’s lives. After learning to bike and swim, she finished in fifth place in her first triathlon. Her path to VICTORY motivates Nicole to engage in personal training and push her body and mind further. #IBUILTTHIS


Meet Jackie: Personal trainer, GameChanger

Jackie Stalzer’s passion for personal training transformed her entire career path, so much so that she opted out of pursuing a physical therapy doctorate. With a client-base as dedicated and appreciative as hers, it’s clear why she is such an asset to our team. #IBUILTTHIS


Meet Sam: International male model, pastry chef and GameChanger

Sam Homan uses his personal training sessions to bring his athletic prowess and toughness to the next level. His personal fitness ELEVATION has helped him stay model fit while he uses PT to both challenge and excite him on a regular basis. #IBUILTTHIS


Meet Chinae: Instagram star, lifestyle guru and Gamechanger

Chinae Alexander has lost over 70 lbs since her NYSC membership began and continues to inspire her massive social following with everyday anecdotes on living an authentic fit lifestyle. Her personal training is focused around HEALTH, namely endurance and strength training, in order to maintain her weight loss and busy fit lifestyle. Watch her fitness journey and follow her on instagram at @GetFitBrooklyn #IBUILTTHIS


Meet Jeremy: Foodie, Entrepreneur and Gamechanger

Jeremy Jacobowitz runs a foodie lifestyle blog and recently found that this HEALTH began to suffer as a result. He has turned to NYSC personal training to get on track, keep his weight in check and balance the pressure of his foodie life. Watch his story and follow him on instagram at @brunchboys #IBUILTTHIS