Come Dry Leave Wet

We all have different lives and goals out in the world, but in here, we're all after the same thing, a great sweat! Too often people focus on the physical "before" and "after" of the gym experience; Come Dry Leave Wet is a celebration of the hard work that our vast array of members put in every day. We specifically chose 9 different archetypes to help bring our new mantra to life and to remind you that no matter who you are or how you work out you'll find what you need to make this the year you push yourself harder, test your limits and just #SweatBetter.


Fofo: Fashion Blogger 

Boston via Saudi Arabia

Sweats most from Yoga and work with her personal trainer.


Garrett: Entrepreneur

New York City 

Sweats most from HIIT Training and cycling 


Shannon & Shannade: Designers

New York City

What workouts makes them sweat most? Partner Workouts. (Saw that coming right?)


Deion: Male model & Member

New York City

What makes Deion Sweat most? High Reps Low Weight


Alyna: Manager

New Jersey 

What workouts makes her sweat most? Dancing & Leg Days 


Zach: Professor & Financial Advisor - Competitive weight lifter


What makes Zach sweat? Going heavy and hitting the bags.


Maria: Influencer 

New York City 

Maria Sweats most during cardio



John: International male model & former TV star

New York City

What makes John Sweat most? Body weight workouts.


Peter: Photographer

New York City

What makes Peter Sweat? Functional Training